Historical Review 
Founded in the year of 1970 as a company dedicated to the storage, custody and merchandise conservation acquiring along the years full experience in all type of inventory management. 
It began operating with more than 20,000 meters of spacious roof cellars with easy access allowing product loading and unloading, currently Coalsa offers almost 100,000 meters of modern warehouses adapted to the markets requirements and located in strategic cities around the country such as:    
• Tegucigalpa 
• San Pedro Sula
• Puerto Cortes. 
• El Progreso
The company is authorized by the CNBS to operate as bailee and offer services of custody in general, financial and proper warehouses. Coalsa also operates as a credit assistant organization having the goal of keeping the credit guarantee that bank and other financial institutions offer their clients. 
Along the years the company has grown with other services such as packing, administration, transportation and fumigation. 

Historical evolution of our representative image over time.